Our company was built in the year 2000.our company is combine
packaging material importer and supplier. We do import some product
from China..
Our company
products are all kind of packaging tape; electric tape;
cushioning; cartons ; poly bags ; poly film; foam; tape gun; stretch film; food
level OPP bags, paper bags; etc.
We special do the custom OPP bags for the bakery store or company. We
provide free design about OPP
bags, also the paper bags for the food, we
have power designers to help to design the Logo or drawing on the OPP
bags or paper bags.
We also do provide custom different size and shapes boxes ,We do not
need big amount. We start from a small amount and pretty low price.
About the plastic
bags, we also carry stock size  poly bags T-shirt bags;
trash bags  with all you need . It is high quality and amazing price.
The principle of our company is: whatever you company need about the
packaging material; we do service it.
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